Wednesday, February 20

Direction, Suffolk, Townscapes

So, I have been musing.

I have made a simple raised cotton detail range. Bowls, Cups etc. Managed to iron out glaze issues and so forth.

But now I find that this subject is somewhat. . . irrelevant. I originally created the cotton aspect as a response to working in the old cotton exchange in Manchester, becoming intrigued by the possibilities of the loosely guided mark making.

I continue to observe my surroundings, using photographs and drawing, and now being in Suffolk the landscape and themes that surround me day to day are very different to the inner city. This is not a land with a cotton industry past. I am looking at Suffolk, my current landscape to inform my practice.

Suffolk is a beautiful county. With large open skies and beautiful sunsets. I am able to continue my study of landscapes and townscapes here quite happily. I am endeavoring to capture some of this onto the clay surface, combining my illustration of landscape and architecture with vintage illustrations of relevant avian wildlife and the soft blue that I see so often in the skies.

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