Thursday, May 24

May 2012 saatchi, tate, moi

Well, a short trip to london featured a visit to hamstead heath, which was rather lovely, it gave me the opportunity to do some dog window shopping! I think I would like a beagle.

Bit the main purose of the trip was to visit collect 2012 @the saatchi gallery, to essentially binge on craft. There were some lovely pieces, the jewellery being, I felt the strongest medium throughout the show.

But really I enjoyed my visit to Kusama @tate modern, an exploration of the artist from the beginnings of her career. I was particuarly intruigued by a film showing kusama taking her repetitive techniques into public space. This resulted in a spotty horse, pond, wall and so on. I felt that I was watching her thought process, or rather watching her work autonomously to open up and create uninhibited sketches.

Of course I was drawn into the mirrored room covered with lights more than any other. Set to a sequence I could have quite happily sat amongst the never ending orbs of colour all day.