Sunday, April 22

New work, exhibition 2012

After focusing on creating objects for the past 4 years at university, it has been refreshing to leave education and to allow myself to work to my own deadlines. From drawing dogs for fun (don’t ask!) to analysing my working process as a ceramicist I have been working on a new range of work.

Using cotton as a tool, the imprint that it leaves on paper and clay, I have been able to merge my technical knowledge of clay and my interest in ink drawing.

For the Atrium 2012, first annual exhibition I exhibited drawings for the first time, which as these are usually private and kept to myself, was quite daunting! I was pleased that they were well received by the audience and that the exhibition went very well overall. 

This exhibition demonstrated for me how continuing to exhibit can inform my practice and how I can broaden my practice to include the two dimensional!

I am excited to continue the exploration between paper and clay, but also to continue making in 3D.

Photos: 1 & 2 Set of three framed drawings with porcelain detail, 3, shelf of cups highlighting variety of decorations explored and 4, three drawings, ink and paper.

images by Jen O'Neill


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