Thursday, September 8

belated Parisian post

  1. Tonry Cragg's Figure In/ Figure Out at Cour Puget, The Louvre. This curvaceous and vibrant sculpture sat splendidly within the glass roofed sculpture garden at the Lourve. It was an unexpected treat on a cool February morning in Paris.
  2. A fashion exhibition at the musee les art decoratifs, I was intrigued by the labeling, the names of designers printed on sheets of tissue paper and draped on the floor enhanced the individual garments, gently laying aside huge design houses to concentrate on the intricate detail and beauty of the garments. The museum also had a fantastic shop including a comprehensive bookshop and great selection of craft, from jewellery to ceramics.
  3. A beautiful Living building on a walk along the river.
  4. Rodin maquettes, I was fascinated by Rodin's maquettes and sketches, they demonstrate a wonderful sense of testing, playing and experimenting with form, scale and medium. I was more exited by these than anything else in the museum, it is such a treat to see beyond finished objects.

San Ferran, Figueras & Dover

A selection of photos from recent travels.
  1. Rays of light breaking through the moody clouds in Dover, waiting an hour to get into the port after a rough crossing wasn't much fun but it was pretty!
  2. Shabby chic apartments in figueras, I love that the old style buildings are layered with cables and aerials, making it a little seedy.
  3. A strange and slightly etheral shot in the basement of Castell de San Ferran, this accidental photo captured the mood in the old stables, it was enormous, with space for hundreds of animals.
  4. The final two photos are of San Ferran, which was full of dark, dusty, redundant spaces.