Friday, August 12

Northern Potters at Potfest Part 1

Featured here are from top to bottom; Dianne Cross, Lindsay Thomas, James Faulkner, Sandra Martin

Reduction fired stone ware, Slab built boxes and wall pieces. I am particularly fond of Dianne’s ‘sketches’. These are like pages from a sketchbook, rolled clay doodled and decorated onto. The use of multiple black and white rectangles creates a wonderful graphic image, with a distinctly urban feel.

Lindsay Thomas’s ‘houses’ mirror is a cheerful number, raku fired ceramic homes surrounding a mirror that reflects her stand brilliantly.

James Faulkner, a recent graduate particularly attracts me with this corrugated bottoms (teehee..) this is such an unusual little trick that is so simple yet absolutely striking.

Planters that emulate geodes, I covet Sandra Martin’s planters as they are perfect for those with a small or non-existent garden and bring colour to your balcony/garden in all seasons!