Thursday, July 21

Earth and Fire 2011, Rufford Craft Centre 2011

Earth and Fire 2011, I have selected some photos that I took at the event in June. I am currently setting up links between myself and the Northern Potters Association or NPA. I hope to set up and run a blog for them and to get started I simply had a wander around Earth and Fire introducing myself and taking photos of NPA members stalls and work! So here are some of the more successful images (I was working with a camera phone and low battery so please forgive shoddy photography...!)

Featured here are from top to bottom; Bethan Myfanwy Jones, Brian Holland, Chiu-l Wu, David Wright, Hannah McAndrew, James Oughtibridge, Jill Ford, Michelle Freemantle, Polly and Gary Utterly, Rachel Wood and Trudy Weir

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