Thursday, July 21

Summer fun so far

Well since finishing university I have had craft business on hold, a break, which has been wonderful! It began sharing a stand at Earth and fire with the lovely Nicola Lidstone, her work is based on her beautiful illustrations, porcelain that is screen printed and then gently hand formed to create three dimensional animals that delighted all those who passed by over the weekend. Copies of her lovely book of illustrations can be purchased here:

We both backed onto a stall held by the passionate Christine Gray who uses her unique process of throwing porcelain forms and then finishing them upside down, thats right, upside down! Creating beautiful translucent vessels that also have additions of PMC (Precious Metal Clay)

Christine was brilliant company, I was particuarly greatful for her and her husband providing snacks and refreshments on the sunday ;)

Other activities thus far have included setting up the Manchester School of Art Out of Schools Exhibition and running workshops alongside this, including the 'Jackson Pollock Experience' which was a whole new level of messy!

A wee pic of arriving at latitude festivival and finally I watched Madame butterfly in the park, screened live from the royal opera house, this was a lovely evening with friends and family, although I did miss an hour to walk the dogs as a bad back has been keeping me from sitting comfortable of late, regular walks required!!

Earth and Fire 2011, Rufford Craft Centre 2011

Earth and Fire 2011, I have selected some photos that I took at the event in June. I am currently setting up links between myself and the Northern Potters Association or NPA. I hope to set up and run a blog for them and to get started I simply had a wander around Earth and Fire introducing myself and taking photos of NPA members stalls and work! So here are some of the more successful images (I was working with a camera phone and low battery so please forgive shoddy photography...!)

Featured here are from top to bottom; Bethan Myfanwy Jones, Brian Holland, Chiu-l Wu, David Wright, Hannah McAndrew, James Oughtibridge, Jill Ford, Michelle Freemantle, Polly and Gary Utterly, Rachel Wood and Trudy Weir