Saturday, May 28

Summer 2011 Porcelain

Here are some images from my new range of ceramics. Using liquid porcelain I cast into hand made plaster moulds. This process produces forms onto which I am able to decorate using a variety of techniques that stem from my passion of exploring pattern through drawing. In particular this range is driven by the use of cotton as a tool for decoration.

Tweetfest @MyfanwyBethan

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Tuesday, May 24

Photographs, Pots, Boxes and Trains

Well I have had some new work photographed by my good friend Jenny O'Neill
this was an experience due to my choice of transport, carrying pots on the underground was an experience to say the least!

I hope to have many more to show soon, but here is a peek of one new decoration!

Speaking of good friends helping me out, James Baxter
of Baxter Media came up
to Manchester just to film us BDes students! Resulting in
a 1st class video of us making, in HD.

Collect 2011, Saatchi Gallery, London

This month I visited Collect 2011 at Saachi Gallery, and what a treat it was. Please find within this blog some things that I found to be lovely and
interesting, though it is heavily edited as there were so many beautiful things!

Henk Wolvers, uses porcelain slip to draw and construct craft objects. Including hundreds of tiny shards of slip embedded into a wall, creating a bizarre, and fragile three dimensional wall covering. Beneath this sat objects that had been constructed from fine dribbles of slip into strange architectural objects. (1)

My favourite and now belonging to the V&A were a set of long 'pours' named 'Lines' (2)that sat an inch from the wall seemingly floating, and looking, well, impossible at Terra Gallery.

Over at Clare Beck at Adrian Sassoon, Natasha Daintry (3)was featured prominently, a sea of multicoloured vessels greeted you as you walked towards the space. These pieces were lovely, and pleasing, cute but strong when grouped together in their hundreds!

Finally watching Rosa Nguyen assembling ceramics, glass, twigs and flowers onto two walls was a great experience. Nguyen created arrangements influenced by the art of Ikebana, the symbolic practice of flower arranging and display. (4 & 5) It was great to see some creating at the show, in the new Project Space. I feel that it is important that Collect includes a little making in the show as makers are at its heart and the process of making, individual to each artist should be valued.